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Towing device

Towing device for older children and adults

A towing device suitable for older children and even adults is used by therapists at Stichting Gemiva-SVG. They already use the towing device for several years and it satisfies them very well. Even with kids who are large and heavy is towing with this device easier than towing with a blanket. While towing a child you can walk with a straight back. The towing device is 2 meter long and the width is 1,4 meter, and has a long tow-line. By putting the tow-line round your waist you can stay straight up. The topside has a non-slip surface and is easy to clean. The  bottom side is very slippery so that by towing a child the resistance is minimally. The towing device is large enough to transport children and even adults.

The towing device is made by de Witte at Breda, The Netherlands:  Ask for the towing device made for  “de Kleine Oase”.  Practical information:

Towing device for older children and adults.

Towing device suitable for towing older children and even adults.

Futher information about towing: towing on a blanket

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