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Towing on a blanket

pulling your kid around on a blanket

A pleasant and simple game is towing your child across the floor on a blanket. You need a smooth surface for this game, like parquet flooring, laminate or any other smooth carpeting. 

The easiest way is with your child prone on a blanket. You can fold the blanket several times so that your child fits on it lengthwise. The best way is to use a firm piece of rope, make your child hold it in the middle with both hands while you hold the ends of the rope. This enables you to tow your child without having to bend over too much.

Being towed in this way gives a lot of pleasure in movement. If your child is unable to hold the rope with his hands, you can tie the rope to the blanket and pull the blanket with the child. In this way the game can also be played with a child with a motor handicap. It is, for example, a pleasant way to move them from one room to another. 

Other ways of towing your child: supine, or sitting in a box or crate on the blanket. The most important element is pleasure of movement.

The game is especially suitable for younger children, as older children are often too heavy to be towed forward. You can tow older children and even grown-ups with a special towing device.

Towing device for grown-ups and older children

Towing device suitable for grown-ups and older children.

Information about a towing device

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