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March 2013:

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December 2010

New page about Sensory Processing in Teens:

In this information era we tend to put little emphasis on physical exercise and even at school it seems to have low priority. 
Generally speaking , physical activities have a positive affect on all teens for example biking to school, sports, dancing. If an older child or teenager has more than average problems with sensory processing, it can be necessary to put an extra demand on his tactile and vestibular or balancing system. This will enforce these bodily senses, so that he will start to "feel" better in both senses of the word.

The sensory games are not necessarily childish; it only takes some modification. It is crucial that your older child or teenager takes the initiative in tackling his problems.

You find activities, games and other information for your teens on this new web page

October 2010


Sensory Flow

 On line Magazine about Sensory Issues

Cat Lichtenbelt is currently working on on-line magazine for sensory issues, book reviews, advocacy and keep up to date on all things sensory. In October 2010 she did an interview with me. Next to sorts of information about sensory processing you can read and listen to the interview.  

Scientific Research:

AJOT May-June 2010.  In this journal of the American Occupational Therapy Association several systematic reviews of the research evidence examining the effectiveness of sensory integration or sensory processing. 

Article to read.

Cris Rowan, a  Canadian occupational therapist, wrote in SI Focus about: The Impact of Technology on Child Sensory and Motor Development. A very interesting paper in which the enormous importance of touching, feeling and moving for children is stressed.  An extra reason to do the described games, play- and other activities on a regular base with your child.

January 2009

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