Sensory Processing

'Snoezel' materials


Snoezelmaterials (there is no proper English word for this Dutch invention) refers to all sorts of materials that can stimulate the senses. Materials pleasant to feel, to smell and to look at, and sonds or Music to listen to. All kinds of vibrating and massage materials belong to the category ‘snoezel’materials.

Ball pit

Many children love a ball pit. Because the balls in the ball pit touch them continuously the children become more aware of their bodies and their movements. This makes it fun for children to play with the balls in the ball pit, and it is in fact suitable for all children. The balls can be bought separately. Instead of a regular ball pit you can also use an inflatable swimming pool or a plastic sand pit. The children can either sit or lie in the swimming pool. For suggestions for games look at Playing in a box

Vibrating or massage materials

There are all kinds of vibrating and massage materials for sale, like mattresses, cushions and massage car seat back. There are also many toy animals that can vibrate or massage on batteries. The assortment is rather variable, so you will have to go on a search. On the internet you can look under ´snoezelmaterialen´. For suggestions for games look at The use of vibrating materials

Lava lamp

A lavalamp is nice for children who like to look at movements.

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