Sensory Processing

Suggestions for presents


  • HAPPY SENSO is a gel with multisensory characteristicsme. It is a product with extra sensory effects which makes it perfect for sensory stimulation. It’s fun to use it. You can hear it, feel it, smell it and see it. Also it has a cooling effect on the skin. It gives a special feeling on the skin - it crackles and gives the feeling of a little pushing on the skin. HAPPY SENSO is of high quality, hypoallegenic and is dermatologically tested. There are a lot of different kinds of application possibilities - with one child or in a group context.
    The Happy Senso Original variants exist of a Mint-Fresh, Neutral, Tropical and Sweetness variant. The new Happy Senso Artist variants have the same unique sensory properties as the Original variants and besides that also each have their own color as an extra feature. This gives an extra dimension and even more applying possibilities. The colors can also be mixed into new colors, which is a very special spectacle to see. For ideas for activities see: Playing with shaving creme. You can buy Happy Senso in the webshop. Also you can find them also on the page with suppliers.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Happy Senso    
  • Lulu the cat. Lulu is a sweet and beautiful cat that feels nice and soft and loves to be cuddled! When you caress her, she will start to purr. She can also move her beautiful paws, She is really fond of cuddling, and this makes her a great pet for boys and girls in the ages between 4 and 8. The ideal pet for children with a strong need to touch, which makes a real cat less suitable. The perfect gift also for older children and adults with a mental handicap.
  • It is pleasant to play with large cuddle toys for many children with sensory processing disorder. They can use the animal to lie on top of, to hide underneath or to cuddle up against in bed. For some children it is even more pleasant when the animal is made a bit heavier. This makes them more stable to lean or lie against. You can increase their weight by carefully cutting loose a seam and fill them op with small bags with rice or sand or any other material. You can also cut up old socks, stockings, and all kinds of textile fabrics into small pieces and use that as additional stuffing. 
  • Fun house mirror crawl toy (Lamaze) is a toy with wheels, mirrors and rattling beads. Fun for (older) children with a developmental delay and for all children who enjoy watching objects that move. 
  • New material to build or construct something with is PlayMais. The pieces are made of maize, water and natural colorants and when you add a little water they can stick together or to all kinds of other materials. It has a large potential for play. It is for sale in boxes of different sizes, so you can start with a small box to see if it is suitable for your child. For sale in toy stores or via the internet.
  • Many children love a ball pit. Because the balls in the ball pit touch them continuously the children become more aware of their bodies and their movements. This makes it fun for children to play with the balls in the ball pit, and it is in fact suitable for all children. The balls can be bought separately. Instead of a regular ball pit you can also use an inflatable swimming pool or a plastic sand pit. The children can either sit or lie in the swimming pool. For suggestions for games look at Playing in a box
  • If you have gathered chestnuts in autumn, hot-water bottle covers are useful to put them in. You remove the hot-water bottle and put in the chestnuts. The cover can then be used to massage your child with or to hide under. For the latter game it is more fun if you have more than one hot-water bottle cover. Of course you can fill them with different substances, like beans, rice, or macaroni. When you use smaller substances like rice, I advise you to put the rice in a plastic bag or several plastic bags first, before putting it in the hot water bottle cover. Hot water bottle covers, like draught excluders, can only be bought in the colder seasons. For ideas for games see: Hiding under cuddly toys or massage with different materials.
  • You can draw on a soft door mat mat with chalk. Then you can remove it with your hands or a wet sponge. Suitable for most children because it cannot go wrong. Because of the non-slip backside the rugs do not slip away easily. On the backside you can draw something with shaving cream. For ideas look at playing with shaving cream. The smallest soft doormats are suitable for the activity skating on rugs. For that purpose you must cut it in two pieces.
  • A nice present for small children is the Chicco baby roller. Nice to roll over and it gives a lot of pleasure in movement. Suitable for children who are a little afraid to move, as well as for very active children. But also a nice toy to play with for children with a motor or mental handicap. The music plays with batteries, but it is also fun to play with without the music (without the batteries). You can also use the baby roller to roll it over your child. For sale in toy stores, or the toys department of a warehouse. For ideas for activities see: exercise pressure with a ball.
  • Many children like to play with or just hold a soft ball like the 'fluffy' ball. You can also use the balls to massage your child with or to roll them over your child’s body. For suggestions for games see: massage with different materials.
  • Draught excluders shaped like animals are for sale in many stores this time of the year. Fun to hide under or to lie on. For suggestions for games see: lying on top of different materials and hiding under cuddly toys.
  • For many children with sensory processing disorder it is comfortable to play with a heavier cuddle toy, there is simply more to feel. Suitable very well for children with ADHD, autism or a mental handicap. Also fun to hide under. For ideas for games see: hiding under cuddly toys.
  • Fun for every child to play with: all kinds of bath foam for children, like finger paint bath foam and a stamp pad to paint or stamp the bath tub or yourself. Extra suitable for children who are a little clumsy because they are not aware of their body, and for children who dislike being touched. Being touched becomes a game, and painting and stamping is something that children allow easily. This makes it suitable for children who are a bit clumsy or awkward in their movements.
  • It helps some children to focus attention when they have an activity for their hands. For these children the car stickers of SES can be a nice present. These are plastic figures that you can stick on the window of a car, a window, a mirror or another smooth surface. Especially suited for children with PDD-NOS, autism, Asperger´s Syndrome, but fun for most children. You can find them in the creative department of the toy store or the warehouse.
  • lava lampis nice for children who like to look at movements.
  • The pet store has all kinds of toys for cats and dogs. Toys for dogs are usually very strong and therefore suitable for children who tend to put things in their mouth, and bite or break things. Toys for cats move and make sounds at the slightest touch, which makes them suitable for children with a motor handicap.
  • Playing with vibrating materials is fun for most children. For suggestions for games see: the use of vibrating materials.


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