Sensory Processing

Advice for parents

Carry out an activity or game every day

Using the tactile sense, balancing sense, postural sense and sense of movement is good for your child. It gives him information about himself, what he can and cannot do and he will get to know himself better. 

Using these sensory stimuli will help him to stay focused on the things he is doing. For example they enable him to start playing. Children can often play endlessly in a sandbox or with swings. It is no real effort, it just happens. 

Children with Sensory processing disorder often use their sensory stimuli of the different types of senses insufficiently. Therefore it is much more difficult for them to play and to stay focused on the things they are doing. 

It can help them to carry out one or more of the activities and games described every day, this is also called a sensory diet. You can consider it a medicine to focus attention and to have more fun in the things they are doing. Of course your child will not change overnight, but these daily doses of sensory information will cause gradual changes in your child.

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