Sensory Processing

Advice for parents

Do not let your child distract you

Whenever you are playing a game or doing some other activity with your child it is important that you do not let your child distract you. 

Many children with sensory processing disorder have difficulty focussing their attention and staying focussed on what they are doing. As a result of this it may look as if your child is fed up with a game after a very short time and wants to do something else. Before you know it you are playing three different games within five minutes. There is a danger that you are constantly ‘running’ after your child. 

When your child is easily distracted or he wants to do something else after a very short time, say for example: “now we are blowing bubbles/ wobbling on a ball” or whatever activity you are doing with your child. 

Tell your child what you want to do together or what you want him to do and bring his attention back to the activity in this way. You remind him of the activity. In order to start using the sensory stimuli of touch and movement it is important to carry out a certain activity for a longer period of time. It may take a while before your child starts to like it.

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