Sensory processing for parents and professionals

Specific Problems 

Specific Problems such as auditory hypersensitivity

Inadequate processing of sensory information can result in specific problems. Some specific problems are a direct result, other specific problems frequently occur in combination with SPD, but may have other causes. In both cases we see the influence of the sensory processing on the specific problems. Therefore, if we improve the sensory processing, the specific problems will diminish and may even disappear altogether. Not only do we need a general approach to the SPD, but often a specific approach is necessary as well. This specific approach has two components: what to do when the problem arises, and what to do to prevent the problem.

You can find information on the following specific problems:
•    Auditory hypersensitivity
    Other specific problems will be added later

On my Dutch website you can find the next specific problems. You can try to translate it with Google.

    Oral sensitivity
•    Needing extreme sensory stimuli
    Primitive reflexes
    Sleeping Problems
    Toilet training
    Putting objects in the mouth
    Inclusive education


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