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Informational websites

Informational websites provide information on sensory processing, also referred to as sensory integration, sensory modulation or sensory-motor integration.

Sensory Flow

    Online Magazine about Sensory Issues

    Cat Lichtenbelt is currently working on on-line             magazine for sensory issues, book reviews, advocacy and keep up to     date on all things sensory. In october 2010 she did an interview with     me. Next to sorts of information about sensory processing you can         read and listen to the interview.  

Sensory Processing Disorder
A website full of information on sensory processing disorder, how to recognize problems and how to tackle them. There is also information available on the latest scientific research. Informational for both parents and therapists.
The website of the book Raising a sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping your Child with Sensory Integration Issues. Very comprehensive and full of practical information that you can apply immediately. Highly recommended for parents, but for others with an interest in this subject as well. You can order the book at Books.
The website of Carol Stock Kranowitz, the author of the books The Out-of-Sync Child and The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun. Especially Carol´s articles on sensory modulation, sensory processing and activities, music and exercise at school and at home are interesting for parents, teachers and other professionals. The books can be ordered at Books.
Henry OT
Henry Occupational Therapy Services provide products and workshops across the USA and internationally. "Our mission is to promote understanding and awareness of issues related to sensory processing, sensory integration and the sensory systems. These may influence attention, motor coordination, social participation, behavior and even violence in schools." This website contains a lot of informatie about sensory procesing with special attention for teens. On this side you also can order the book 'Tools for Teens' and find online webinairs on different subjects. 

Sensory Processing Disorders in Older Kids and Teens

This website is dedicated to providing parents of older kids with                 information on how to help young people with sensory issues.
        The information of this website is based on the book The sensory             Team Handbook. Order via  books for kids

Websites related to sensory processing

        Barbara Sher is the games lady. Games that helps kids learn. 

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